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Other Noteable Projects

We’ve been scouring the web to find other relevant projects that we can link to from our blog. There are lots of great projects out there that focus on photographing gravestones, as well as many more that are looking at recording churches generally.

What follows is by no means a comprehensive list of church recording projects.  We intend instead to provide here an illustrative collection of projects that may be of use to you.

Community-based church recording projects

The Branscombe Project

The Branscombe Project have a detailed and interesting section on their website dedicated to St. Winifred’s Church, which they have made available alongside parish records and other useful resources.

The Branscombe Project website

St. George’s Church, Portland: Church Conservation Trust and Wessex Archaeology

The Church Conservation Trust has been heading up a community archaeology project for St. George’s Church on Portland. There has been some great news coverage, and the CCT website has some useful information about the project.

Wessex Archaeology’s Photosynths

CCT BBC news coverage

Church Photography projects

Gravestone Photographic Resource project

The Gravestone Photographic Resource project provides an on-line resource for family historians.  There are many cemeteries and graveyards listed within the UK on this website, with some incriptions available.  The website relies entirely on volunteers and has a large dataset available that can be searched online.

GPR website

War Graves Photographic Project

The War Graves Photographic Project aims to photograph every war grave, individual memorial, Ministry of Defence grave, and family memorial of serving military personnel from WWI to the present day. TWGPP is a non-profit organisation, and is very well-established, with partners worldwide.

War Graves Photographic Project website

Other church related projects

Church Monuments Society County Guides

The Church Monuments Society has a series of county guides on their website, with very informative overviews of noteable monuments within churches.  The database is organised by location; some counties have higher numbers of records depending on the availability of society members to provide data.  This is a very useful introduction to church monuments in your area.

Church Monuments Society County Guides

RTI projects

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI)

Cultural Heritage Imaging (CHI) are the best in the business.  They are key initiators and developers of RTI, and continue to offer excellent options for RTI.  CHI offers training for all RTI users, and also has a very good forum for RTI discussion.

CHI Website

CHI RTI videos


Archeovision is a non-profit company that is working to develop documentation possibilities for archaeology.  Archeovision recently developed an RTI viewer for WordPress, which is going to have a huge impact on how RTIs can be shared through the web.  These guys are fantastic!

Archeovision website

Reflectance Transformation Imaging for the Study of Ancient Documentary Artefacts (RTISAD)

The RTISAD project is a collaborative project between the University of Oxford (Faculty of Oriental Studies and Faculty of Classics) and the University of Southampton (Electronics and Computing Science and Department of Archaeology).  The project is testing RTI on a selection of inscribed artefacts from the Department of Antiquities at the Ashmolean Museum collections.

RTISAD Website

Societies relating to the history and archaeology of churches

Church Monuments Society
The Churches Conservation Trust
The Ecclesiological Society
English Heritage: Inspired!
Friends of the City Churches (London)
National Churches Trust
Round Tower Churches Society
Scottish Churches Architectural Heritage Trust
The Scottish Redundant Churches Trust
Society for Church Archaeology

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