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Spring Update: Recording in Yorkshire

22 July, 2015

After a busy winter in the office we have been out in the field again working with St Mary’s Churchyard project team. This is collaboration between members of St Mary’s church Embsay with Eastby and Upper Wharfedale heritage Group. We have been working with the group to share documentation skills but also to develop our project methodology which we will be getting online soon.

This marks the start of a new phase for the Re-Reading the British Memorial Project. In collaboration with the Archaeology Data Service and the new Digital Creativity Hub at the University of York we will be working to support community groups in the management, archiving and publication of data as well as the capture process. Upper Wharfedale Heritage Group and other community groups will be key partners in this work and will help to ensure that all of the solutions we develop are useful for researchers on the ground.

UWHG are extremely active and are involved in a wide range of regionally focused research projects. The documentation of the church and the church yard is one of several projects which the group is involved in (see their website above for more information) and so we are excited to see what range of applications RTI and other digital skills will be put to in the near future. As yet our collaboration has been based on training but we are looking forward to helping document the church yard later in the summer and (if the weather allows us to venture further afield) getting to see some of the excellent architectural survey which the group have been conducting.

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