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RTI Example – St George’s Church, Portland

16 April, 2012

We’ve been looking into how RTIs can be best shown through the web.

In the same way that a video needs to be opened inside a video player, to view an RTI as an interactive experience, an RTI viewer is usually installed onto the computer of the person who wishes to open the file.  But there are some great web-based options being developed that will allow users to view RTI files within their internet browser.  There is one that Hembo Pagi has made that allows for viewing RTIs within a WordPress blog, and we are certain that more versions will be developed.

For now, we have recorded a video of Gareth using an RTI viewer on his own PC, so that you can see what kind of thing you can expect from an RTI.

This is a gravestone that we recorded whilst visiting St. George’s Church on Portland.

Halfway through the video (go straight to about 37 seconds for the best bit), you will see that Gareth zooms in on part of the inscription, and switches on an option for ‘specular enhancement’, and this is where the real magic happens.  All of the text inscribed on the stone suddenly becomes visible, and easily readable. This is exactly the sort of result that we think will contribute to interpretation of problematic gravestones.

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